Our Approach

We understand the nuances of site design – from initial planning and schematic proposals to permitting, development and delivery of the final project.  We are experienced at guiding clients through the decision-making process during each step.

Jon Thompson, Principal Owner

“Deliver outstanding service, with unwavering character, using my good, old-fashioned work ethic. Listen first, listen second, and talk third. And finally, look for the win for everyone.”

Jon’s dedication to these principals has guided him through more than two decades of civic planning and community service in one of the fastest-growing counties in Texas.  His experience spans:

  • Project Management / Coordination
  • Permit processing / Coordination in Multiple Jurisdictions
  • Government Relations Consulting
  • Zoning / Building Permits 
  • Subdivisions / Site Development Permitting
  • Planning Consultation
  • Development of Assistance Research and Predevelopment Advice

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